Advanced and user- friendly platform

Investing, anytime and anywhere

We promise to give you the best trading experience. This is why our apps provide a user friendly and secure platform for you to access wide of Groups– including forex, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. You can instant access to investing, anytime and anywhere.

Trading at your fingertips

You can search for “AVERAGE TRADING " in the App Store/Google Play.

You can also scan the QR code below to download the app

Main Features

Trading Anytime, Anywhere

We have advanced technical systems and regularly updated to give you the best trading experience possible.

User-Friendly Platform

Our apps is Native designed across all major mobile and easy-to-use; absolutely free to download; viewing live prices before you log in.

Superior Trading Performance

Execute orders extremely fast .Optimized transaction mode. Many commonly used technical indicators and popular charts are included to help analysis product trends.

Free Risk Management Tools

Risk management tools such as stop loss and trailing stop loss are provided

Access exclusive market data

Access global news and economic calendar in real time and receive price alerts and news such as market closures.

One-stop Account Management

Integration of market updates, trading, information, account management and risk

AVERAGE TRADING offers live online trading accounts for MT5.